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Web Development and Design:

There are many elements that affect the pricing of a web site.
The main ones are the complexity of the design, the amount of content, and interactivity.

In order to create a custom solution for your web site, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the specifics of what you envision. There are many options available when a web site is being developed and we will be happy to discuss the best solution for your site.

We are here to help you through every stage of the process and help make your web site work.

  • Google Analytics are setup for all clients
  • All new sites are setup to be responsive and work on all mobile devices
  • Facebook "Like" buttons and "Friend" boxes easily added
  • Help/Suggestions to make content more search engine friendly
  • As many email accounts as you need for your site, i.e.,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administration and Updates:

  • Web Site Hosting:
    Our current rate is $250 per year
    This guarantees placement of your web site on our super fast, optimized servers and gives you direct access to support for your web site. Plus, get free consultation for any web site services.

  • Maintenance Fees:
    Pappy Productions, Inc. does not charge minimum monthly fees.
    You are only charged for services or updates requested at our hourly rate of $50.00.
    There are no minimums here either. If it takes 5 minutes, you are charged for 5 minutes.

    Quotes can be given for each project/update if needed.
    Fully integrated and secure support ticket system to help you keep track of all support request and file uploads.

  • Billing
    As most of our clients do multiple updates throughout the month, we will keep a "running tab" and send out invoices at the end of the month. If you do not request any updates...then you receive no invoice.
    We do not believe in paying for services that you do not use. Stop doing that!
    Our system sends out automated email reminders for outstanding invoices

  • Payments
    We offer secure online payment using Credit Card or Paypal.
    Checks are accepted too.